Theology of Home – Book Review

Two of my favorite topics – theology and home – have been joined in a new book. Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday is a book that I’ll be giving to my family and friends this Christmas. Visually stunning and rich in content, it’s the kind of book you’ll return to again and again allowing the ideas to fully soak in.

The idea behind the book

Theology of Home offers an invitation to recognize and appreciate the divine in the ordinary activities of everyday living – especially in the home. Written by three Catholic wives/moms, this lovely guide helps us to keep our eyes fixed on our true home and to think purposefully about how to make our earthly homes be reflections of the Father’s house. Our homes, according to the authors, are meant to be a foreshadowing of heaven, to satisfy us in this earthly life while giving us a glimpse of what’s ahead, thereby creating a path to heaven for our loved ones.

The approach

With insights including scriptural references and quotes from popes, saints and other great thinkers, Theology of Home reveals how, even the ordinary activities of everyday life are opportunities to embrace and reflect God’s loving presence.

I love how the writers share personal stories illustrating how they make the Father present today in each of their homes – from restoring traditions learned in their childhood to discovering new ways of imparting the faith. Theology of Home is filled with practical ways to employ beauty and order to create a deeper sense of the divine within our homes.

Another thing to love about this book is the photography (over 100 photos) by Kim Baile. It is truly beautiful. Kim takes us on a journey through homes of real families across the country. Families are shown welcoming guests at the door, gathering around the dining table, exchanging stories before a bonfire, children running through fields, and playing on rocks – all conjuring a sense of community and belonging while offering a foretaste of our heavenly home.

Who should buy this book

If you are looking for a way to make Christ more tangibly present in your home, looking for a lovely gift, or hoping to foster a deeper love for God within yourself, your family and friends, I think you will love Theology of Home. You can order it on Amazon and TAN books.

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Theology of Home authors Carrie Gress, Noelle Mering and Megan Schrieber.