Teaching Children the Rosary

The rosary is a powerful prayer that every Christian child should be taught and encouraged to pray. Recommended by countless popes and saints throughout the ages, the rosary will be a lifelong companion for our little ones.

But how do we succeed in bringing this grace-filled practice into our homes?

This has become a mission for me over the past 5 years and is what prompted me to write On a Mission to Love. I have heard from families around the world about how they are integrating the rosary into their family lives using this little book as a guide.

Beautiful artwork

The beautiful imagery with each mystery seems to be uniquely attractive to children. Many parents have shared stories about their children studying these images and wondering great thoughts about them. 

“It’s hard to find Rosary decade images that are not watered down and childish…These images are truly beautiful – rich in meaning, yet still accessible and recognizable for children.” – Claire

Simple one-line meditations before each Hail Mary

Photo by Clare Dodge

Thought-provoking reflections help to engage children (and their parents) and inspire interesting conversations.

“The statement of reflection before each Hail Mary is succinct, precise, and impactful. It’s going to be perfect to help us stay on track with our thoughts during our family rosary. I cannot recommend it enough!” – Alexandra

Optional decade-a-day format

Praying one decade each day is a great way to introduce the rosary. It is very manageable and takes less than five minutes.

“My kids are so much more patient and agreeable to praying a decade together and I think it is helping all ages begin to develop a deeper appreciation for the mysteries of rosary. Can’t love this enough!” – Pamela

Inspired by St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body (TOB)

While meditating on the mysteries of the rosary and the reflections in On a Mission to Love, children come to a deeper understanding of who they are and why God made them.

“I find it especially powerful that together we learn what the incarnation of Jesus means for us as children created in the image of God through the meditations focused on the Theology of the Body teachings.” – Kate

Additional resources:

Free Rosary App

Listen to the sweet voices of children praying the rosary with On a Mission to Love. Add it to your home screen for easy access.

“I downloaded the app and it has done amazing things for my family! My husband and I have always wanted to start praying the rosary as a family, but never knew how to start. One night we just played the app over our Bluetooth speaker, sat down on the couch and the kids (ages 6, 4, and 2) slowly started to sit down with us to join. The next night, we invited them to grab their rosaries and they joined us again! – Jeanay

On a Mission to Love Gift Set

We’ve paired the book with this colorful wood bead rosary for children to move the beads as they pray along with the book.

The consensus of my audience is that things go better when each child has a rosary of their own that they hold, come to know, keep in a special place and use every time they pray the rosary.  Since we are both body and soul, it helps to have our senses engaged when we are praying.

For more content and encouragement for praying the family rosary visit our website On a Mission to Love.

To Jesus through Mary,