Following Jesus to Calvary During Holy Week with the Rosary

Reflect with Fr. F. X. Lasance on Our Lord’s Passion while praying the Sorrowful Mysteries. All five mysteries may be prayed each day during Holy Week. Or you may pray one mystery each day beginning on Holy Monday leading up to the Crucifixion on Good Friday.

The Agony in the Garden

In the Garden of Olives Jesus shed His blood for us in such quantity that it bathed the earth around. He did this at the sight of the ingratitude with which men would meet His love. Let us, then, repent sincerely that we have hitherto corresponded so ill with the countless blessings of God, and resolve to make good use of His graces and inspirations.

The Scourging at the Pillar

In His cruel scourging, Jesus shed His Blood when His flesh was so torn that streams of Blood flowed from every part of His body, all of which He offered all the time to His Eternal Father in payment of our impatience and our softness. How comes it, then, that we do not curb our anger and love of self? Henceforth we will try our best to bear our troubles well, and, despising self, take peacefully the injuries which men may do us.

The Crowning with Thorns

Again, from the sacred Head of Jesus, Blood poured down when it was crowned with thorns, in punishment of our pride and evil thoughts. Shall we, then, continue to nurture haughtiness, foster foul imaginations, and feed the wayward will within us? Henceforth let there be ever before our eyes our utter nothingness, our misery and our weakness; and with generous hearts let us resist all the temptations of the devil.

The Carrying of the Cross

What streams of Precious Blood did not our loving Lord pour forth from His veins when laden with the heavy cross on that most grievous journey to Calvary! The very streets and ways of Jerusalem through which He passed were watered with it! This He did in satisfaction for the scandals and bad example by which his own creatures had lead others astray. Who can tell how many of us are of this unhappy number? Who knows how many he himself alone has, by his own bad example, brought down to hell? And what have we done to remedy this evil? Henceforth let us at least do all we can to save souls by word in by example, making ourselves a pattern to all of goodness and a holy life.

The Crucifixion

More, and still more Precious Blood did the Redeemer of mankind shed in His barbarous crucifixion; when, His veins being rent and arteries burst, they rushed forth in a torrent, from His hands and His feet, that saving bomb of life eternal, to pay for all the crimes and enormities of a lost world. Who, after this would continue in sin, and so renew the cruel crucifixion of the Son of God? Let us weep bitterly for our bad deeds done, and detest them before the feet of the sacred minister of God; let us amend our evil ways, and henceforth begin a truly Christian life with the remembrance ever in our hearts of all the Blood which are salvation cost the Savior of men.

The following may be prayed after the rosary each day:

Last of all, after his death, when His sacred side was opened by the lance, and His loving heart was wounded, Jesus shed blood, and with it there came forth water, to show us how His blood was all poured out to the last drop of our salvation. Oh, the great goodness of our redeeming Lord! Who will not love Thee, Savior of my soul? What heart will not consume itself away for love of Thee, Who has done all this for our redemption? The tongue wants words to praise Thee; so let us invite all creatures upon earth, all angels and all saints in paradise, and most of all our dear Mother Mary, to bless, praise, and celebrate the most Precious Blood. Glory to the Blood of Jesus! Now and ever throughout all ages. Amen.

These reflections are entitled “Thoughts on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ” taken from Fr. Lasance’s book “Self-Conquest”. pp. 119-122.

Art by Bradi Barth. Copyright 2018. Used with permission. This beautiful art is also featured in On a Mission to Love: Rosary Meditations for Children and Families.