All Souls Day, Halloween, and, Theology of the Body

Are you afraid of ghosts? What do skeletons and ghosts say about the human person?

Today on All Souls Day, just two days after Halloween, Ruah Woods Press invites you to think about your human identity being created in the image and likeness of God.

DJ Hueuerman explains…

Think of all the decorations you saw on Halloween. What did you see? You saw skeletons. You saw ghosts. I want you to look into the depths of your human heart and ask the question why, oh why, would a human person be afraid of a skeleton or a ghost?

Well, a skeleton is a body without a soul. And a ghost is a soul without a body. They both represent the separated aspects of what it means to be a human person – body and soul together.

Think about your identity of being a human person which means to be a body and a soul. St. John Paul II proclains this in his teaching called Theology of the Body. He echos the words of Jesus that says although the body and soul will be separated when we die that’s not the end. There will be a reunion of body and soul together in the resurrection.

All Souls Day is a a good time to think about what it means to be a combination of body and soul together. And, in the words of John Paul II “Be not afraid”. – Adapted from DJ Hueuerman’s video “Halloween and Theology of the Body”

D.J. Hueuerman is a cradle Catholic from the west side of Cincinnati. A few years ago the teachings of Theology of the Body sparked a major revitalization of his Catholic faith. D.J.’s strong belief that the world needs to hear John Paul II’s teaching led him to leave his career, as a teacher and firefighter, to work in ministry. He has since published a book called “Plunging Pornography: A Catholic Bathroom Book”, has been featured on many catholic media programs, and has spoken nationally and internationally on the Theology of the Body. D.J. now serves as the Training and Development Coordinator for Ruah Woods Press in Cincinnati, Ohio where he lives with his wife and children.