In the Theology of the Body (TOB) St. John Paul II affirmed what the Church Fathers, great saints and mystics have proclaimed throughout the ages: Jesus is the Bridegroom and the Church is His Bride. Unveiling the spousal imagery contained in the Rosary, this little devotional underscores the faithful, sacrificial love of God for His people. Like a brilliant thread woven throughout the Rosary, the nuptial love of God imbues each mystery — from the wedding proposal in The Annunciation to the consummation of the marriage in The Crucifixion. This book is an invitation to enhance your experience of praying the Rosary and deepen your love for Christ. Learn to pray the “favorite prayer” of St. John Paul II in a whole new way.



A great gift for

• family and friends

• priests, deacons, seminarians, and religious
• weddings, engagements, and ordinations
• welcoming new adult Catholics (RCIA)
• confirmations
• revitalizing your own prayer life

A look inside

What others are saying

"Your book is a lovely way to give the gifts of the Rosary and the teachings of Theology of the Body to others. Thank you for these beautiful reflections that deepen my prayer and healing as well as my understanding of the Rosary and the truths of Theology of the Body.” —Laura

“Loved the book I purchased. Now I have one for every one of my catechists. Thank You! We are going to use the book for RCIA as well. I am just thrilled with this book. Could not have asked for more.” —Marty

“My dad and I prayed the rosary together using my copy of the book for our meditations last weekend. He is 81 yrs old. He was very moved by the meditations. This order was for him to have his own copy.“—Liz

“My girlfriend bought one of your rosary meditations while visiting the JPII museum in DC. We prayed with them every day for about a week and I fell in love with them enough to buy one of my own and one for a group of guys I pray with and hang out with.”—Eric