The Rosary

“The recitation of the rosary allows us to fix our gaze and our hearts upon Jesus, just like his Mother, the supreme model of contemplation of the Son.”

Pope Benedict XVI


Mary teaches us to contemplate with our hearts the love of Jesus so that we can be molded and transformed into living images of love. As St. Augustine affirms, the Virgin conceived Christ in her heart before she conceived in her womb. Through faith, silence, and attentive listening Mary’s heart became the sacred soil where the seed of God was planted. The rosary helps us to have a Marian heart. A heart that is open to hearing, perceiving and conceiving Christ’s love. A heart that allows love to take root and bear fruit to the world.

“The Rosary…leads easily to a profound and inward knowledge of Christ. We might call it Mary's way. It is the way of the example of the Virgin of Nazareth, a woman of faith, of silence, of attentive listening.”

St. John Paul II