The Best way to Lead Our Children to Jesus

Updated: May 4

"Everything in Mary leads us toward her Son, our only Savior, by whose foreseen merits she was preserved immaculate and full of grace; everything in Mary lifts up our hearts to the praise of the Holy Trinity." –St. Pope Paul VI

All graces that we receive from God pass through Our Lady’s maternal hands. Many saints have taught that the best, quickest, and shortest way to holiness is to entrust ourselves purposefully to Our Lady’s care, in order to belong more fully and totally to Jesus. One of the best way to help our children get closer to God is to help them consecrate themselves to Our Lady and to teach them to pray the Holy Rosary daily. Consecration means “to make holy.” What a precious gift it will be if we could help our children consecrate themselves to Our Blessed Mother Mary.

When our children consecrate themselves to Our Lady, they are consecrating themselves to Jesus through Mary. As Pope John Paul II explained, “Consecrating ourselves to Mary means accepting her help to offer ourselves and the whole of mankind to Him who is holy, infinitely holy; it means accepting her help—by having recourse to her motherly heart, which beneath the cross was opened to love for every human being.” (May 13, 1982).

The purpose of helping our children consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary is to place them in a special way under Our Lady’s care, so that she can better fulfill her task of transforming them into an image of her Son, Jesus Christ.

In his memoirs, St. John Bosco reported a vision he had while he was sleeping of St. Dominic Savio. He saw St. Dominic leading other children in Heaven. He was clothed in garments with jewels and flowers that gave honor to the purity he maintained within his soul. When St. John Bosco asked St. Dominic what was his greatest consolation at the time of death, Dominic replied, “What helped me most and gave me greatest joy when I was dying was the loving care and help of the great Mother of God. Tell your sons not to fail to keep close to her while they are alive. But hurry—the time is almost up.” Devotion to Our Lady will lead our children directly to her Son, Jesus.

We are excited to announce a collaboration of Dolls from Heaven with On a Mission to Love. Our books, The Easiest Way to Jesus: Marian consecration for children and The Rosary Meditation by Debbie Staresinic will help families and children to grow in love in a special way toward the Virgin Mary which in turn, She will lead you to love of God.

You may purchase the Consecration sets here: Marian Consecration Sets for Girls and Marian Consecration Sets for Boys.

The Marian consecration book for children has been adapted from one of the best books ever written about our Mother Mary, True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis de Montfort. It has an imprimatur. We have taken what we consider to be the best parts of the book to make it easy for children to understand how wonderful becoming devoted to Mary is. This book includes over 33 full-color pictures of Our Lady and thirty-three days of short teachings about Our Lady and a short prayer.

The Rosary meditations were written for children and families. They also have an imprimatur. They were inspired by St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. This book contains thoughtful one-line reflections per each Hail Mary to help keep active minds focused. The beautiful art invites imaginations to reflect on the gospel stories contained in the rosary.

The combination of the consecration to Our Lady and the recitation of the daily rosary are an excellent way for our children to get closer to Jesus and become great saints.

The Rosary is a powerful Prayer. Here are some of the quotes about from the saints:

“The Rosary is a prayer both so humble and simple and theologically rich in Biblical content. I beg you to pray it.” – St. John Paul II

“If there were one million families praying the Rosary every day, the entire world would be saved.” – Pope St. Pius X

“The Rosary is a school for learning true Christian perfection.” – Pope St. John XXIII

The best gift that we can give our children is our Catholic faith and the best way to do is to teach to love and consecrate themselves our Lady, in turn, She will take care of them and lead them to Jesus. As St. Bernard said;

“When Mary supports you, you will not fail. With her as your protector, you will have nothing to fear. With her as your guide, you will not grow tired. When you win her favor, you will reach heaven.”

The start date for the next consecration day is April 10th with the consecration day on May 13th.

God bless you,

Brian and Esmeralda Kiczek

Brian, Esmeralda, and their daughters are a Catholic pro-life family and founders of Dolls from Heaven and Ultimate Decade Rosaries. They created Dolls from Heaven with the goal of bringing young children Closer to God through the lives of the Saints. Their hope is that their dolls will encourage young children to make Jesus the focus of their lives. As a family, they started making "the ultimate decade rosaries" during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have always had a passion for spreading the faith and the power of the Rosary; since they quarantined, they found the time to make it happen. Each Ultimate Decade Rosary brings all the spiritual graces that one could pack into a Decade Rosary handcrafted by their family, easy to carry, durable, and beautiful.