Rosary App


Our free app is an easy way to pray the rosary with your kids along with the book. Enjoy the beautiful children’s voices as you follow along with any of the mysteries for just one decade or all five. Available for IOS at the Apple Store and Android at the Google Play App Store. Download today for FREE.

What others are saying

"I downloaded the app and it has done amazing things for my family! My husband and I have always wanted to start praying the rosary as a family, but never knew how to start. One night we just played the app over our Bluetooth speaker, sat down on the couch and the kids (ages 6, 4, and 2) slowly started to sit down with us to join. The next night, we invited them to grab their rosaries and they joined us again! I think hearing the voices of other children saying the rosary is what helped draw them in! I’m excited to get the book so we can all have some pictures to look at as we go through the mysteries! On a Mission to Love has been such a gift! Thank you!!!" - Jeanay 

"Thank you for your book and app. My daughter and I have been using them daily." - Julie