Our Lady of Fatima asks us to pray the rosary every day. Introduce children to the beauty of praying the rosary with this lovely devotional. Inspired by the writings of Pope St. John Paul II, On a Mission to Love shares the beautiful truth of God’s plan for humanity. While meditating on the mysteries of the rosary with the reflections in this book, children come to a deeper understanding of who they are and why God made them.

• One child-friendly statement before each Hail Mary

• Beautiful art for each mystery

• Coordinating bookmark

• Optional decade-a-day format

A look inside

What others are saying

"I just started using the book as I am new to praying the rosary every day and the children love it. I have 4 children 2-10 years old. We are taking a break from a complete rosary, when we pray as a family, and doing the single decade with the meditations. I really like how meditative it is with the little prayers in between the Hail Marys." - Elena


"I wanted to let you know that we received the book and we love it so much! It is was just what we were looking for to educate our children on the Rosary." - Kathleen

"My sister showed me your children’s rosary book and I just fell in love. I am beyond excited to get mine in the mail! Keep up the good work." Kathleen 

"My friend recommended this book to me and our family has been using it ever since as an aid in praying the rosary together. The short meditations are absolutely beautiful and inspire me so much. My kids are so much more patient and agreeable to praying a decade together and I think it is helping all ages begin to develop a deeper appreciation for the mysteries of rosary.  Can’t love this enough!" - Pamela

"I LOVE praying a decade with the whole school over announcements! I used to use a Scriptural Rosary that I found online so when I saw your book, I thought if would be wonderful to have in each classroom." - Mary

"I just want you to know I just bought and received On A Mission To Love and I truly love it. I bought it for my son who is only 3 months old, but I wanted him to have it because as I rock him to sleep I pray the rosary. I want you to know that it has helped ME focus on the mysteries of each decade, which I’ve struggled with for years. Praying the rosary and meditating on each mystery is easier said than done in my option. My mind often drifts and I worry or think of the thousands of things I have to do when I’m done praying and before you know it, I’m not concentrating at all. This book is beautiful. Please know you have all of my appreciation and I can’t wait for my son to grow up learning about the most beautiful prayer in the world. God Bless you! - Alisa

"My sweet grandson turns 9 this coming Saturday and you’ve made it possible for me to give him a much wanted gift! My amazing daughter-in-law is home schooling him and his little brother and when I asked about specific gift ideas, she provided me with the link to your site and this book and rosary set. I know she and his dad will be delighted that Grandma fulfilled their gift suggestion and as a very prayerful boy, I know he will treasure it." - Brenda

"I pray the rosary with Kristen from @manyhailmarysatatime on Instagram and she uses it every day! That inspired me to buy it for myself at Christmas and now I am excited to pass it on to all of my First Communion students! Thank YOU and may God bless every child who comes in contact with this treasure!" - Meghan

"Last week, my daughter borrowed the book from school and was really sad that she had to give it back.  That's why I am getting it for her as a birthday present." - Jessica

"I discovered your book on Instagram. Carolyn shared how it has benefitted her kids in learning to pray the rosary, and since I’m also a huge St. John Paul the Great fan, it was a no brainer! We are really loving using it for our family prayer time!" - Veronica

"We have been praying your book this month of October as a school and love it!  Children volunteers lead a decade a day reading the individual bead prompts over the intercom. A friend of mine (another principal) received one and shared it with me.  I was very happy to purchase ours for my faculty. Thanks so much." - Marianne

"My friend had this rosary for families and children book at children’s Adoration this week and I asked her about it. She sent me the link to the book on your website. I believe she uses it as part of her homeschooling curriculum. My children attend our parish Catholic school but I am excited to use it with them at home! We have been trying to form the habit of praying a decade a day. I think this will help add meaning and wonder to our prayers! Thanks!!" - Pam

"I have been looking for something like that to start complementing my son's education about the goodness of creation and basically how we were created to donate ourselves to others. I'm really excited to learn more and being able to teach my kids
God bless you and your work." - Catalina

"I absolutely love the meditations for children! My mind is racing with possibilities for donating this book to Catholic schoolteachers, parishes, Adoration chapels, homeschooling families, etc. And of course, I will order copies for my grandchildren. Thank you." - Laura

"I’m look forward to giving it to my kids on Easter and praying the Rosary with my kids more regularly!" - Kelly 

"This is my second purchase for my younger sister’s confirmation gift. Our family has responded so well to the use of the book in conjunction with learning the rosary! So helpful." - Katlyn