Perfect Baby and Baptism gift!

This little booklet, published by Angelus Press, is a guide for parents who wish to consecrate their child to the Blessed Mother. The booklet includes an Act of Consecration, a brief explanation of the importance of the act, and a place to record the event serving as a meaningful keepsake. The consecration may be done anytime, but seems particularly appropriate to do on the day of Baptism, or some feast of our Blessed Lady, which also has the benefit of making the day more easily remembered. On the selected day, parents should stand before Our Lady's altar with their child and recite together the Act of Consecration provided in the booklet. The booklet has the imprimatur and nihil obstat.









Sherpa Blanket
Also included is our super soft Auspice Maria Sherpa baby blanket. Auspice Maria is Latin for "Under the protection of Mary". It is sometimes referred to or used as "Ave Maria", which means "Hail Mary." Parents delight in wrapping their little one in the loving protection of the Blessed Mother. Babies love the ever so soft feel of this luxurious blanket. Newborns are especially drawn to the black and white pattern. Research shows that engagement with contrasting images and diverse textures helps boost infant learning and ability to focus.

Note Regarding Cost and Manufacturing of This Item
We are offering this set to you at cost which includes our cost to ship it to you. The cost to ensure 100% USA manufacturing is higher than many imported items. We have researched the most affordable way to make this available to you while following Fair Trade Standards. While we found some manufacturers in the USA that produce similar blankets at a lower cost we were disappointed to learn that they were printing on blankets that were actually made in China. We're open to suggestions if anyone knows of a USA manufacturer that can produce this at a lower cost.

Size: 30" x 40"
Material: Ultra-Smooth Micro-Mink Polyester with Sherpa Fleece Lining
Care: Wash with like colors, cold water, tumble dry on cool setting or hang to dry.

Made in the USA